January 24, 2019

For the last six months we’ve been working with our client to prepare a simultaneous launch of four new brands. It’s tremendously rewarding to see this overhaul of names and logos hit the street, where they will start lifting the artificial ceiling imposed by the previous brands.

Charge and it’s affiliates: ABD, VPC, and VPI, work together to modernize and extend utility service for companies like PG&E. While the quality and professionalism of their work have enabled consistent growth over the last ten years, the former brand names MDR, Accu-Bore, and Veteran Power were representative of specialized niche services. Additionally, these brands weren’t built to amplify the benefits of shared resources, nor were they extensible if additional entities were to be formed or acquired in the future. These combined factors had placed undesirable cap on the perceived scalability and size of the companies, artificially hindering their growth potential.

There’s more to the new brand family than just modern logos. The name “Charge” was the result of an exhaustive list of potential names designed to capture the military background of the company’s leadership team, their core belief in doing things the safe and proper way, and the essence of the utility industry they serve. From top to bottom, we’re in the process of building a consistent tone of voice and unified visual presence across all applications including recruiting trade shows, prospecting presentations, print advertising, vehicle branding, and websites.

We look forward to sharing more about this project, both independently and jointly with our partners at Charge. Meanwhile, if you’d like additional information about this project, please feel free to contact us.

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