We work closely with our clients to create communications that truly engage.

Voice & Reason is a small full-service marketing agency focused on partnering with California region businesses in the services sector. We have the ability to create distinctive content that appeals to audiences – and to deploy that content consistently and attractively across all marketing channels including websites, business collateral, printed materials, and social media. We bring value by understanding your services and your audience so well that we can recommend the best tactics to increase user engagement through clear and effective storytelling.

Our Founders

The co-owners of Voice & Reason each come with 20+ years of experience in digital marketing agencies, having designed hundreds of websites for government agencies, small businesses, and publicly traded companies. We are hands-on in all aspects of the business, personally directing all work performed and presenting said work to our clients.

Photo of founders of Voice & Reason
Dexter at the Voice & Reason studio

The Studio

Located in Historic Folsom, our studio is located at 705 ½ Sutter Street in Folsom California. The company operates under a flexible workplace model, with individuals (and dogs) being able to choose to work from home or the office as best meets goals for client overlap, productivity, and collaboration.

Our Brand

The concept of “Voice” is very powerful when it comes to visual channels like print and web. Simply using typography and color, we can create an experience that feels soft as a feather or as loud as a rock concert. Finding and honing a visual voice for our clients is something we tackle every day. “Reason” is the natural complement to voice. Everything we create comes from a position of strategic intent. This is an important component of our value proposition and how we differentiate from hundreds of other regional brand agencies. Our clients come to us expecting the work we do to move the needle for their business growth. We actively measure the success of our projects and expect to be accountable for performance.

Photo of Voice & Reason branded water container sitting in sand in the desert
Project discover meeting

The Process

Voice & Reason had developed an immersive discovery process designed to uncover the subtle nuances within audience personas, value proposition, brand voice, and other factors related to tone of voice. Typically conducted as a full-day experience (but also available as virtual sessions and/or in smaller time increments), our Strategy Principal will lead interactive exercises to engage participants and encourage discussion around the many soft qualities of a brand that are often undocumented and difficult to articulate. This process accelerates our ability to author content and begin honing the visual attributes of the brand. This initial step informs everything downstream from typography and color selection to graphic and photographic style.