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Following a comprehensive brand overhaul, Charge and its family of brands are positioned for growth in the West Coast utility construction market. From strategy and naming, through the deployment of marketing materials across all channels, Voice & Reason conceptualized and produced materials to support nearly all touch-points of the brand.
Long before our working relationship with Charge, the company already had a strong reputation as builders of the “last mile” of infrastructure for utility companies like PG&E. Working under the brand names Accu-Bore and Veteran Power, they offered complementary services including directional drilling, gas pipeline construction, and power infrastructure construction. The business owners had identified that despite their outstanding work quality and reputation for safety, the names and logos of the brands were limiting the potential of the business. For example, directional drilling is a unique area of expertise for the company, but represents only a small piece of the value they bring to their clients.
There’s more to the new brand family than just modern logos. The name “Charge” was the result of an exhaustive list of potential names designed to capture the military background of the company’s leadership team, their core belief in doing things the safe and proper way, and the essence of the utility industry they serve. From top to bottom, we’re in the process of building a consistent tone of voice and unified visual presence across all applications including recruiting trade shows, prospecting presentations, print advertising, vehicle branding, and websites.
The previous business names have been preserved as affiliates beneath the umbrella of Charge. ABD, short for Accu-Bore Directional, and VPI, short for Veteran Power Infrastructure, are modernized acronyms, drawing from the brand equity of the legacy names. VPC, short for Veteran Pipeline Construction, was added to capture the gas infrastructure services previously folded into the directional drilling operation. Now, together, these logos have a modern look and feel appropriate for the industry. Their similarity also works to reinforce the family feel of brands that share core values and professional knowledge. Additionally, new “sibling” brands can easily be added to the system if a new service line is created or acquired.
With a strong visual identity system created, we began working on a messaging platform to extend a consistent value proposition through all touch points. Shortly after the brand launch in early 2019, we worked with the Charge executive team to capture photos and content themes from the company’s annual Safety Training Day. This effort included a panoramic photo of the entire Charge team, which is being used throughout the marketing system.
The Charge website encompasses all affiliate brands such that content like project descriptions and job openings can function as shared resources.
The Charge vehicle fleet differentiates the affiliate brands for service specific exposure at job sites.
Professionally designed shade structures continue our efforts for brand consistency when Charge teams conduct safety demonstrations.

Headquartered in Sacramento, CA servicing clients across the United States. We create connected, consistent marketing systems across print, digital and voice platforms.

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