A brand reinvention to Charge forward.

We were originally introduced to this client as “AccuBore — Veteran Power”. The company was having difficulty with scattered brands and lack of a marketing approach to target utility decision makers. After rebranding the parent company as Charge, we began a comprehensive overhaul of all marketing materials for the family of companies. Now over two years since the launch of the new brand, Charge is growing exponentially and has a unified system of brand and marketing materials to support its trajectory.

Voice & Reason continues to act as the “marketing department” for Charge, meeting bi-weekly with stakeholders to discuss and prioritize marketing initiatives. Our team is trusted with near complete autonomy to create the content and designs for all materials. Some of our most successful partnership moments have come from last minute calls to assist with building proposals and presentations. Our ability to strategize and deploy highly polished content in quick-turn scenarios has solidified Voice & Reason’s long-term partnership with Charge.


  • Community Program
  • Logo Designs
  • Naming
  • Print Advertising
  • Proposal Templates
  • Prospect Marketing Experiences
  • Safety Program Branding
  • Specialty Proposal Design
  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Website Brochures
Charge website design
Charge brochure design
Charge brochure design
Be open to their process and trust that Voice & Reason knows what they’re doing. We didn’t know what to expect before starting the project, so we let them lead the way, and it paid off. MIKE ROBIRDS, CEO — CHARGE

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