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The center of your brand experience is a set of personality traits that extend outward, influencing all touch-points of your business. Our team takes a scientific approach to documenting audiences, attitudes, and market opportunities in order to inform the creative process. The brand experiences we create are intricate systems that combine tone of voice, value propositions, audience engagement models, and visual design standards.


We gather the key stakeholders of your business and do a deep dive into your customer base, competitors and business goals. This helps us hone in on the proper tone of voice and appropriate visual design elements that will not only create a beautiful mark you’ll be proud to show off, but a highly functioning brand identity that positions your business for success.

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We roll up the sleeves and create numerous options until we hone in on a wide set of appropriate candidates to present and start a dialog to collaboratively asses and measure the strengths of each design to refine the designs.


When we have arrived at the right design direction, we explore several variations by altering shapes, posititions, sizes, and typefaces to arrive at the best possible solution. We apply color and review to select the final version.

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Crusader fence Company brand guidelines


We output all file formats and color modes of your logo and put it together in a brand guideline. This handy document lists colors, acceptable usages, and typefaces to name a few. It serves a useful reference when working with vendors to maintain a consistent brand identity.

Way more than a beautiful logo – we now have a vision for how our brand will support business growth. MIKE ROBIRDS, CEO — CHARGE

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