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Crusader Fence Company wanted to thank clients for another year of partnership with the second in a gift series sharing a symbolic tool of the trade — the same sturdy tool bag that field staff is equipped with.
Crusader Fence Company

Industry:  Construction

Crusader Holiday gift packaging


Crusader Fence Company (Crusader) specializes in complex, custom corporate fencing and security solutions in Northern California. They value connections with their staff and customers, along with practical, thoughtful business practices. They wanted to thank their foundational customers with something useful and representative of the quality and level of detail the company brings to every project.


Corporate holiday cards and gifts have become common — if not expected — in the business world. While a basket of festive snacks is a pleasant gesture, the tradition presents an opportunity to create a far more meaningful exchange with key contacts. Crusader’s goal was to fortify relationships with important clientele through branded seasonal gift delivery.
Crusader’s holiday gift campaign for 2022 was the second in a concept series centered on sharing a symbolic tool of the trade. The company presented primary contacts with the same sturdy bag that field staff are equipped with to make sure they have the right tool, right when they need it, to work efficiently and safely.


Voice & Reason was challenged with visually presenting an industrial canvas bag as the thoughtful, useful gift it was intended to be. We started with a branded, custom sleeve around the bag that explains the significance and function of the item.

Because many Crusader customers may not work in a hands-on construction trade, a stacked tag was attached with suggested alternative uses for the heavy-duty bag, originally intended for holding tools. Wrapped in crisp tissue paper, the bag was accompanied by a coordinating custom holiday greeting card. Rugged corrugated kraft packaging was sealed with branded packing tape to greet the recipient from the first moment.

Crusader — and their clients — were immensely pleased with the outcome of these truly unique holiday packaging. The presentation accurately captured their corporate personality, along with the meaning behind their carefully selected gift.
The same industrial bag that crews use in the field was elegantly wrapped with a custom sleeve explaining the significance and function of the item.


Crusader Holiday gift bag
Crusader Holiday gift tag
Crusader Holiday gift printed card
Crusader Holiday gift tags
Crusader Holiday gift tape
Crusader Holiday gift tag
Crusader Holiday gift printed tissue paper

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