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Integrated Builders Group was expanding into new markets, yet wanted to retain connection with their original specialty audience. They came to Voice & Reason for a custom, dynamic website built to encompass their complex, but nuanced aesthetic and functional needs.
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Integrated Builders Group (Integrated) is a commercial design-build contractor founded on new build and remodel projects for credit unions. Their steady growth and geographic expansion positioned the builder for projects serving other types of financial institutions and retail entities, with further potential in more diverse industries. Their visual content, written content, and branding previously focused exclusively on credit unions. Integrated was ready to restructure their digital presence to make way for new opportunities.


While Integrated’s website was also ready for a design update, strategically overhauling content and navigation was paramount. The main goal was to retain enough familiarity to make credit union clients feel comfortable and understood, while establishing a robust structure designed for the substantial growth Integrated envisions for the coming years. Other objectives included brand maturation, recruitment effort support, and improving overall user experience.


This effort called for an assertive, comprehensively informed approach to facilitate graceful, intentional adjustments that support organizational culture and affirm existing relationships, yet create pathways for growth. After diving deep into Integrated’s business goals, values, and expectations, Voice & Reason performed an extensive evaluation of current positioning, content, and user experience, as well as a thorough competitive and industry analysis.

Information architecture was entirely restructured with intuitive use in mind, along with consideration of the demands that new market development will bring. Incorporating dialogue with Integrated’s team, Voice & Reason crafted fresh content throughout the website designed to:

  • Speak to both existing and potential audiences
  • Increase SEO rankings and site traffic
  • Increase user engagement
  • Motivate action with clear CTA
  • Reflect brand maturation and company culture
  • Establish industry thought leadership

Voice & Reason expertly guided Integrated’s color palette towards a corporate interpretation of their previous shades of green, blue, and orange. A grounding, deep navy introduced a confident, trustworthy feel of stability and competence. A rich, vibrant persimmon hue performs as an energizing accent indicator applied to motion details that aid with navigation and user experience. A nod towards environmental responsibility and growth, Integrated’s signature green was subtly adjusted to interface elegantly within the new sophisticated color group.

Approachable sans serif typography features bold, well-defined content hierarchy to relay authority and support navigability of content. Image mosaics and texture inspired by interior design elements are reminiscent of design industry mood boards. Exquisite attention to detail throughout the site communicates Integrated’s reputation for their own thorough approach to projects.

The completed website presents Integrated Builders Group as a national leader in the industry, while showcasing their unparalleled expertise, core values, and the unique company culture that has attracted both staff and customers throughout the years.

The completed website presents Integrated Builders Group as a national leader in the industry, while showcasing their unparalleled expertise.


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IBG website displayed on mobile
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