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Charge, a leading provider of West Coast utility construction services, was looking for a more substantial way to recognize the holiday season that reflected the company’s forward-thinking approach and mission-oriented team dynamic.
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A growing family of gas and power utility infrastructure companies, Charge believes in the importance of cultivating a strong workplace culture guided by well-defined core values, including compassion and collaboration. This commitment isn’t just on paper or a theoretical exercise. It is actively demonstrated throughout the organization, evident in daily operations, training, corporate giving, and employee-driven initiatives of fundraising and community involvement.


While corporate gifts tend to be commonplace in the business world, they are often trivial and miss the opportunity to create a far more meaningful exchange with key contacts. Charge wanted more than feel-good interaction. They sought a unique way to recognize important relationships, honor their corporate culture, and make a positive impact.


Instead of a typical holiday greeting or gift, Voice & Reason leveraged digital technology and incorporated Charge’s tradition of charitable giving to modernize the spirit of gift-giving while making a tangible difference in the community. We created The 12 Charities of Charge, a custom holiday platform supported by a printed direct mailing and integrated CRM system.

Our team designed an engaging invitation to a custom interactive web experience where recipients had the opportunity to choose from twelve charities that would receive a donation from Charge on their behalf.

Charge received heart-warming feedback from its client network and intends to expand on the concept in the future.

The 12 Charities of Charge concept was loosely inspired by the classic holiday song.


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